Every organization
is unique.

What We Do

We believe that every organization is unique.

We bring decades of expertise and knowledge of working across global organizations to develop the best HR interventions for your leaders and your people.

We are an HR and OD consultancy firm with a unique approach to addressing complex business and human challenges. We work with all kinds of organisations that want to re-evaluate where they are now and focus on the journey ahead.

  • Measure corporate culture and engagement
  • Advance people & organisational development
  • Optimise the organisational structure
  • Strengthen leadership and talent management

Award winning
Business Toolkits

Business change is a broad term that captures business relocation, business change with redundancies to outsourcing and closure. This toolkit is designed to support managers through business restructures that involve redundancies for whatever reason. The aim is to protect you from the pitfalls in managing change. These can range from legal challenges to having a negative impact on your organisation’s reputation and employer brand. The toolkit aims to support you to successfully lead, manage and implement business change.

Business Restructuring Toolkit

The Ten Steps to Business Restructuring are a logical sequence to managing rightsizing and handling redundancy exercises. At  each step you will find supporting materials, templates and articles that can be customised for your situation. The process ensures a consistent and robust approach across the organisation.

From Line Manager Guides at each step of the process to a dedicated section for HR Professionals, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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A seed needs a fertile
soil to grow

Our Culture Quotient (CQ) provides you with an in-depth assessment of your corporate culture. It does this by measuring how aligned your employees are to the corporate values. It measures leadership and values, and provides insights on how to strengthen your culture.

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Virtual HR

HR Director and
Consultancy service

Imagine your very own HR Director or Consultancy service. Well here it is. Based on our experience from the Big4 consultancies, you can access a virtual HR Director or consultancy services or both – as and when you needed.

Our Virtual HR service is an annual subscription service.

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